Best of Times…

I work on a college campus, and there are many great things about that. Though not a professor myself, I’m of an academic bent: I like being in a research environment. I like figuring out things. I like to have the opportunity to explore ideas to see where they lead. I like working with other people who share these similar [odd] traits.

Another “plus” of the campus experience is that new people keep flowing into one’s life. The sad part is that most of them will also flow out of one’s day-to-day experience when this particular phase of their education is completed. So it is that I will bid farewell to a few new friends this month, wishing them well in their new endeavors, knowing I will miss seeing them on a regular basis. It is a privilege to share in the lives of others, so even if it’s a little sad to say goodbye, friendship is always worth the investment. How blessed I am.

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