Now printed schedules are just a bit gooder

It turns out there is HTML which can indicate which header material should be duplicated across multi-page tables: the <thead></thead> tags. So now that I’ve re-learned this and tweaked the calculator again, multi-page tables will have the column headings on each page when printed, provided your browser does the right thing. (I use Firefox for almost all my web-browsing needs.)

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  1. Sadly, after testing out the THEAD tags at home on Internet Explorer, it looks like the browser doesn’t do the “right thing” with the header info. That means that the 83% of the people visiting this site (who are using IE) won’t see headings printed on every page as people running Firefox will. Nothing I can do about that, I’m sorry to say, but you folks can switch browsers if it’s a feature that’s important to you.

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