The Trials of Moving

Well, it has happened. What I have feared the most. Calamity. Pain. Suffering. Ego-shattering. In moving the calculator to its new home, it lost its long-held rank as the number one result for the search “amortization” on Google. It is now number two. I am properly admonished and duly humbled.

As for progress, the calculator page now validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional. It’s a small thing, but I believe in standards.

Having been truly inspired by the work at the CSS Zen Garden, I will try my hand at making visually aesthetic improvements to the calculator web page. There’s no reason why function can’t also be beautiful. However, my skills as an artist are—shall I be generous?—limited. Someday I’d like to hire the services of a graphic designer to make it REALLY cool and pretty.

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