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It occurs to me that the blog format isn’t entirely conducive to conversations initiated by you folks out there in big wide world. If you’d like to see particular features implemented for the calculator, this page can be a home to those requests. Tack your comment onto this page for easy reference.

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  1. Hi, Kevin. I’ve added a calculation for a debt service constant to the summary calculations, expressed as a percentage. The value is adjusted if the loan is less than a full year, and the debt service constant is not calculated at all if there is a balloon payment as it’s unclear exactly how this case should be handled. (If any industry person wishes to contribute some guidance for how this value should be calculated in such a case, please let me know.)

  2. Bret, I love your calculator and use it all the time to analyze commercial real estate scenarios. One feature that would be convenient for me would be to have a debt constant tabulated in the Summary area. Could you make that happen? -Thanks

  3. Hi, Linda. Can you tell me which browser and version, and operating system version you’re using? Printing is really a function of the browser, not the calculator itself, and I try to test things on several browsers, but I don’t have access to everything that’s out there.

  4. Hi again, Kimberly. While I was testing out some minor calculator formatting changes on Internet Explorer, I saw the blank page behavior that you were describing. I don’t know how to get around this, since it’s something that IE does that my own browser (Firefox) does not do. If you have the option of using a different browser to print amortization schedules, then using Firefox will save paper.

    I will still attempt to play around with things to see if I can make IE behave, but since I don’t do development in a Microsoft environment, it isn’t always easy.

  5. Hi, Kimberly. The page-printing mechanism is a function of the web browser you’re using, not a function of the calculator itself. I will make what adjustments I can, but please let me know what browser you’re using (and which operating system) so that I can test changes (if I have a similar setup).

  6. Hi, Brett-
    I work in a call center that uses your amort calculator about a bazillion times a day. When we print we have to highlight and only print selection to get just one page- otherwise it prints with extra blank pages. A bazillion times 2 adds up to a lot of wasted trees and I am sure that not all of us are using the selection feature. Can you adjust your amort page to just print one sheet? Thanks for helping conserve if possible.

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