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It occurs to me that the blog format isn’t entirely conducive to conversations initiated by you folks out there in big wide world. If you’d like to see particular features implemented for the calculator, this page can be a home to those requests. Tack your comment onto this page for easy reference.

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    1. Hi. I have not released the source code to the calculator. It was written in the earliest days of the web, and there are better ways of implementing the program with newer technologies. However, I have released the equations on which the calculator is based, so a competent programmer should be able to implement the calculator suited to your environment.

  1. Hi Bret –

    Do you know of a program that can track actual mortgage payments and late fees and calculate interest? I can’t seem to find anything like this on the market.

    The Co I work for holds approx 6 mortgage notes and when someone doesn’t pay on time or skips a month and pays twice the next month we add a late fee, but don’t know how to calculate the interest and in the end… we are losing big time.

    I think if something like this were on the market, it would be very profitable.


    1. Hi, Kim. I don’t keep up on what’s available on the market, so I’m not aware of such a program. I’m sure there’s a large degree of variability in how lenders deal with the situation you’ve described. Doing the calculations would probably involve a bit of in-house customization.

  2. Hi Bret, your calculator is a great tool and I use it often. With that in mind, any chance that a “date” column be added? This would make it easier to determine the payback date on a refinance. Thanks, Jim

  3. Hi, dakotaslim. You can do these calculations. In such cases, if the payments are to be monthly, then you still set the Payments per Year to be 12; or if weekly, set this box to 52, etc. The Number of Regular Payments does not have to run out to a full year, so if the loan is for 3 months, just enter 3 here. However, the periodic interest rate is calculated as if it’s a full year, so if the rate is entered as 6%, that’s assumed to be an annual rate with a 0.5% monthly periodic rate (for example), not a 6% interest over the 3 months of the loan.

  4. I love your calculator but I often find I’m taking out loans for very short periods of time such as 2-3 months. It would be nice if I could do calculations for less than one year.

  5. Hi, Jack.

    In fact, ads should be excluded from printing already. If you are using recent versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari, and if you are using the browser’s print function, ads should not be printed at all because a different style sheet is used.

    It may be that you are using an older browser, or a browser that isn’t aware of stylesheets, or perhaps your browser is configured to ignore alternate stylesheets for printing. Or maybe you’re printing a screen capture rather than using your browser’s print function.


  6. Bret – My company uses your calculator exclusively and we think it is the best out there…well done! The only problem is that our competitors (other mortgage cos) are listed in the Google Ads. When we print the calculator results to a pdf and email them to a prospective client we’re unintentionally advertising for the competition! I know you like the income from the ads but is there a way that they can be excluded when printing? Thanks!

  7. Hi Bret

    I am an accountant.

    Just wondering if the calculator can accomodate the following situation;

    I have a client with a 5 year Chattel Mortgage and repayments are made monthly. I have 2 balloon payments though. One payment made in month 4 and another at payment 60.

    Many Thanks

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