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It occurs to me that the blog format isn’t entirely conducive to conversations initiated by you folks out there in big wide world. If you’d like to see particular features implemented for the calculator, this page can be a home to those requests. Tack your comment onto this page for easy reference.

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  1. Like Angidileet, I have set a goal of doubling my principal payment each month. Since my total minimum monthly payment (principal interest AND escrow) is fairly small, it’s likely my income will grow to the point where I can afford to double that payment (more or less what the last payment would be under such a scenario, with some variation to account for the escrow).

    It would sure be great if your calculator could calculate this! If not, perhaps you could provide me with the equation?

    Thanks so much for putting this up–its the easiest-to-use mortgage calculator I’ve found on the internet yet.

  2. Bret – Love the Amortization Calculator. Thanks so much for your devotion to it! Any chance for an IPhone app? I particularly like being able to specify the payment amount and calculate an odd last payment. I’ve not found that in an app with all of the other features (like printing an amortization schedule) that you provide.

  3. Hi Bret,

    I love your amortization calculator, because it is powerful; yet, easy to use! Our mortgages up here in Canada are similar to yours in the USA; however, they compound semi-annually instead of monthly.

    Is there any chance that you might someday add a Canadian amortization calculator?

    Keep up the great work, and God bless you!!!

  4. I have two simple interest loans that I need to pay off. As far as I can tell you only have compound interest calculators. I really need the amitorization schedule since I will be tranferring principal payments as I pay off a credit card and the first simple interest loan i.e. many different scenarios. Your interface is so convenient and easy to use. What say you?

  5. I don’t mean to be a bastard, I know you’d like to make a few bucks off you great tool, but the flash advertisements are just too much for me to handle. It’s your page, you do as you like, but just thought I’d let you know!

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