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  1. Bret,
    I have found your calculator very useful so far. My husband and I sold our business 5 years ago and financed it ourselves and no amortization schedule was ever made out for us. Although the terms of the contract are complicated (the interest rate changes yearly, then every other year and with weekly payments) I have it figured out up until the point that they quit paying us. Now I need to figure out how the interest accrues for those weeks until they resumed payments. I’ve tried a few things but I can’t seem to figure out how to do this. Is this something the calculator can do or do I need to get help from another source?

  2. Bret,

    Thank you for the calculator and for designing it with such excellence. Your site is awesome. I read your two essays and I thought they were awesome.

  3. I just wanted to commend you on the high quality and professional appearance of your calculator. I am a licensed broker in Oklahoma and use it frequently for my transactions.

    Thank you,
    Keith Taggart

  4. I’m building a website with an amortization calculator. I need one of two things: 1. I need to know what’s the formula to build this calculator or 2. Can I purchase the code?

    In advance, I thank you.

  5. Hi, Edna. Printing is a function of your web browser, but depending on your browser, you can configure it to print the data larger.

    I’ll assume you’re using Internet Explorer. First, run your amortization schedule as normal. When you’re ready to print, go to the “File->Print Preview…” In the toolbar at the top of the window, you’ll find a drop-down menu with “Shrink to Fit” listed. Select some larger size, like 125%, 150% or something else that works for you. Then click the printer icon on the left of the toolbar to print.

    I hope that works for you. Let me know.


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