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  1. I tried to open it, but I guess my computer doesn’t have Excel?? maybe??? Also, I didn’t mention it needs to also have a 5 year balloon payment. Can I hire someone to do this? and send it to me in a way I can read it?

  2. Can you do me a amortization schedule. $40,000.00 loan, 8% interest, monthly payment $600.00, 1st payment due Jan. 15, 2011, additional down payment paid March 15, 2011 of $5,000.00? If you can’t, is there someone out there who can do it for me?

    1. Hi, Allen. The calculator cannot handle the kind of calculations you need to do directly, but you can do it in pieces, if you like. But I suggest you use a spreadsheet instead.

      You can find a link to a spreadsheet I have written for amortization on the calculator’s blog page. Once you plug in the basic parameters, you can tweak the payment schedule by adding your extra payment.

      You may still need the on-line calculator to figure out how long the amortization should run, though. Plug your numbers into the web page, and clear the “Number of Regular Payments” field, then click “Calculate”. You’ll get back the number of months in the amortization. When you divide that by 12, you can type that number into the spreadsheet for “Loan Term (years)”.

  3. Bret, your questions gave me a clue as to the possible problem. My default browser is Mozilla Firefox. When I went back and opened your calculator in IE, the middle section that previously (in the Mozilla browser) said “Finding Your Matches” and nothing ever opened, is now an add for “Quicken Loans”. Everything appears to work fine if I use my Internet Explorer browser which I will do for now on. You might want to consider updating the calculator to work with Mozilla, since more and more people are using it instead of IE. Either way, I like the calculator and if taking on advertisements is what makes it possible to make available to those of us out in the field, then so be it. Thank you.

    1. I’m glad that the calculator seems to be working for you again, though I’m not sure why IE would work for you when Mozilla doesn’t. Mozilla Firefox has been my default browser for many years, so it’s what I use first to test any page design changes. Once something looks right in Firefox, then I add whatever tweaks might be necessary so that the other browsers look OK too. Perhaps one of the ads was temporarily interfering with the output. When I catch an ad behaving badly, I do try to block its appearance.

  4. I am a commercial real estate agent and have found your Amortization Calculator very useful. However, recently when I check the box to include the “Amortization Schedule”, it inserts between the Summary and the schedule itself a (new) section that says it is “Finding Your Matches”, then goes on to show the amortization schedule. PROBLEM: when I attempt to (print) the schedule it prints heiroglyphics (sp?) in place of the Principal & Interest numerical amounts. What gives?

    1. Hi, Tcapp. Can you tell me what browser and operating system you’re running on, and what kind of printer you are using? I have not seen or heard of this behavior in relation to my calculator before, so I don’t really know how to diagnose the problem.

  5. Smart, kind, creative and spiritual… It perplexes me why you’re single! I’ve used your amortization calc over the last six years… it’s great. have built and am tweaking my own website…May I link to you?

    Many thanks for everything.

  6. Hey Bret,

    Thanks for your calculator, I have used it religously for over 10 years!!! However, this morning something is wrong with the remaining principle, or principle balance. It is different than just several weeks ago.


    1. Yes, I had made some cosmetic changes to the schedule output last night. While I was testing, I was looking at the formatting, not the data, so I missed my error. I noticed the flaw this morning, and I have corrected the program, so things should be back to normal.

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