When I am not busy doing computer work, I’m probably doing something involving music. Once in a while I have an inspiration (or need) to put some notes down on paper. Sometimes it ain’t too bad. Other times its not as good. I’ve collected a few files here for your review. If you try them out and you like them, let me know. If you think they suck, oh well, I did what I could: you go make your own music. (Oh, and I use Lilypond for all my music type-setting needs. It’s free software, so give it a shot.)

(The music/text is protected by copyright, so please ask permission if you wish to use it any way.)

Secular Songs

  • Aurora Borealis [MP3] — a whimsical ditty, written in the style of The B-52s, my favorite band (an homage).
  • i am so glad and very [PDF] — a musical setting of one of my favorite poems by e. e. cummings.
  • That’s What This Broken Heart is for [PDF] — love unrequited: all too common, I’m sure, and the inspiration for many a song. So here’s one more.
  • The Bus Five Jive [PDF] — You’re traveling in a foreign land, by bus, stuck in Beijing traffic, late for rehearsal: what do you do? Write a song proclaiming your identity, of course. For the fellow TCC travelers on Bus 5, China 2007.
  • The Color of My Eyes [PDF] — I was music director for a show, and we needed an Andrews Sisters trio. I wanted to audition women with a piece they would not have known ahead of time, so I threw together these lines. Toss in a big band, and I think this tune might have had potential (back in the 40s, anyway).
  • USO Do-Wop [PDF] — As an opening night Green Room gimmick, I taught this DoWop to the cast. After they got it down, I was gonna sing the verse to them, but it didn’t quite work out. I live in hope that I can use it again someday, though.
  • The Alphabet Song in Reverse [PDF] — Problem: you are asked to recite the alphabet backwards (for reasons we’ll leave to the imagination). For most of us, we learned the alphabet by song, and going backwards is extraordinarily difficult even under ideal conditions. Solution: Learn the Alphabet Song in reverse. Voilà!

Service Music for Church

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