Photo Gallery

Just a few pictures (badly scanned and all) of family, friends, and my natural habitat… [selecting any of the following JPEG images will display the complete picture]

bad hair… a Bad Hair Day in Baltimore.

family group My sister Kim, me, my mother Cheryl, and my sister Dawn. Dawn died in December 1994. Requiescas in pacem, soror. Dolorem tuum non intellegebamus.

holding DavidHere I am practicing uncle-hood on my very first nephew.

gram and synthsMe, my proud grandmother and biggest fan (everyone should have one of these), my keyboards, and some of my books.

the gang at WDWThat ol’ Gang-o-mine AWOL at Disney World.

cast b88 at DisneyLandA few members from Cast B88 of Up With People at DisneyLand. We departed for Norway the next day. (I recently realized that I am the only U.S. citizen in this photo! With me are representatives from Switzerland, Canada, Finland, Japan, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, and The Netherlands.)

looking seriousA more recent picture: older (and wiser?)

bret laughingThat last one makes me look better than I deserve, but this one is more my style… On second thought, they are both really me: the pretentious pseudo-smart guy, and the one with too many chins who can’t take himself too seriously.

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