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It occurs to me that the blog format isn’t entirely conducive to conversations initiated by you folks out there in big wide world. If you’d like to see particular features implemented for the calculator, this page can be a home to those requests. Tack your comment onto this page for easy reference.

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  1. I am looking for a simple calculator that tallies orders and calculates the profit and cost at the same time. I am a wholesaler for fundraising products and I currently use a homemade excel file. Which works nice for people who have the correct software. Often times people are not able to download the file making it useless anyway. I would like something like yours that is web based, is this possible? Thanks for your time.

  2. Hi, Lynne. Your previous question was under “Questions”, not “Feature Requests”. I did not understand your previous question, and I’m afraid I still don’t know what you’re asking: the calculations have remained the same for quite a number of years, so I don’t really understand what you mean by “backwards” from what it used to be. Perhaps it would help me to understand if you gave me the calculation parameters you have been using.

  3. Hi I have ask a question before but it doesn’t seem to be there. Your amortization used to subtract monthly payment and show the interest as to what was paid as of now. Now it is showing it backwards is there a way to calculate it opposite to how you have it now.

  4. Hi, MMM. There are any number of ways to accelerate mortgage payments. The method you’re proposing is just one more. Finding a closed-form solution to the recurrence relation that would arise is probably not generally applicable to any other scenario, and as such, it isn’t a feature I’m likely add to the calculator.

    You can certainly play around with this sort of thing in a spreadsheet, however.

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